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You Have Extremely Powerful Rights Under Federal Law!

That’s Right! The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a powerful federal law that was designed to protect you from collection agencies that use harassing, abusive or unfair collection tactics. The following is a list of common practices that are all prohibited by federal law and which you have a right to stop:

       Arrow  The Right to Stop Debt Collectors From Harassing You!

       Arrow  The Right to Stop Collectors from Making False Statements!

       Arrow  The Right to Stop Bill Collectors from Making False Threats!

       Arrow  The Right to Stop Collectors from Contacting Other People About You!

       Arrow  The Right to Stop Any Unfair Collection Practices Used by a Collection Agency!

What Action Can You Take?

Debt collectors who take any one of the above actions are in violation of federal law.  Debt collectors who violate this law are required to:

       Arrow  Pay You Financial Compensation! That’s right, you can make them pay you!

       Arrow  Pay Your Attorneys’ Fees! That’s right, the collector will pay your attorney’s fees!

       Arrow  Stop Calling You (once you hire an attorney)! That’s right, you can end the harassment!

Fact: It Does Not Matter if You Owe The Debt!  That’s right, you are entitled to this financial compensation and protection under the fair debt collection laws, even if you owe the money!

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